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Ninel Galimzianova

It all started with the fact that I had to find something to do for my son in a difficult teenage period (15 years old). We turned to the coach Elena at the Tortuga club.

He began to study and he liked it, and with him almost all of our family got involved (two adults and two children are now 13 and 17 years old). In two years of classes, they managed to get two certificates (OWD and Advance), took several special courses, and participated as a family in two amazing trips to Egypt, now we are waiting and preparing for a trip to Sudan.

At the same time, Elena taught us to swim and breathe correctly underwater and on the water! Instructor Elena teaches us, supports, prompts and controls the whole process. The atmosphere in the club is unique, we communicate with enthusiastic and positively charged people! We are in good hands, diving is suitable for the whole family! 👍✌️

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