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In this section, you will learn about the main projects for protecting the Project AWARE Foundation. Information taken from the official website of the Fund

Coral reefs

Do you know how fast corals grow? 1 cm per year! Just imagine the age of existing coral reefs! Unfortunately, our thoughtless, stormy activity has led to the fact that today 19% of all reefs existing in the world have already died. According to scientists, in 8-10 years, due to global climate change, reefs can cease to exist in the form in which we can see them now.

But there is still hope for the preservation of this unique life form. Divers all over the world observe coral reefs, support scientific research in this area, and reduce their carbon footprint as much as possible. Volunteers around the world are collecting data to help scientists answer the question of what factors influence coral bleaching, in addition to raising ocean temperatures.


The shark population is rapidly declining. Some species have declined by 90% in literally the last two decades. About 1/3 of the shark species found in the open ocean are threatened with complete extinction. In addition, sharks continue to be one of the objects of fishing. The number of sharks caught exceeds their reproductive capabilities.

The loss of this predator will lead to the destruction of the underwater ecosystem, as well as the local economy. The protection and preservation of a population depends primarily on the effectiveness of prohibitions on shark fin mining, tightening regulation of international fisheries, changing consumer demand, increasing research on sharks and protecting their habitat.

Project AWARE, a shark protection company, is committed to reducing the threat to sharks. As a member of the Shark Alliance Steering Committee and a member of IUCN, Project AWARE closes various shark related laws and provides international protection. Together with volunteers and scuba divers, they hold various events, collect information, research sharks and expand our knowledge about sharks around the world.

Underwater trash

At least 6 million tons of garbage annually fall into the waters of the oceans, damaging wildlife and polluting the underwater world. But we scuba divers have a unique opportunity to influence this process. To do this, you just need to pull out the trash from under the water using our skills, collect data and inform the defenders about it.

The Project AWARE Foundation discourages the destructive effects of debris by supporting divers and volunteers in annual water and coastal cleanup activities.

The peak of such events is the annual International Day for the Cleaning of Ponds, usually the third Saturday of September. In 2009, he brought together 370,000 volunteers and scuba divers around the world, who removed approximately 7 million pounds (3.175 tons) of garbage

AWARE Divers

A diver is a privilege. Thanks to our skills, we can visit those corners of the underwater world that are inaccessible to other people. But privilege gives rise to enormous responsibility. Often we are the first to discover the problem associated with the underwater ecosystem, discuss it, engage others, encouraging them to do the same, and participate in protection projects. Moreover, in our own activities, we must take all precautions to avoid any negative impact on the underwater world. How to join us:

  • Specialty Courses
  • Ecotourism
  • Wreck Protection and conservation


Kids AWARE are the superheroes of the underwater world. They love water and help protect its inhabitants, both large and small. Thousands of children around the world take part in this program and change the world for the better.

You can help children learn the amazing world of sharks, corals, whales and much more. But this is not just a curriculum. The book of active actions contains real missions, thanks to which children, along with adults, take part in cleaning the coastlines, learn to save water and the amazing underwater world.

And still all interested children from 3 to 12 years old can take part in the international drawing competition or arrange their own.

Do more!

There are many ways to help our world preserve its natural beauty. Feel free to take part and do not be afraid to get your feet wet!

Dive on Earth Day. The ocean covers 70% of the surface of our planet and contains 99% of the Earth’s living space. Despite these grandiose figures, human activity has already spread to the Sami remote territories, thereby affecting the fragile balance of the underwater world. Thousands of divers and enthusiasts pay attention to the protection of the blue planet during the annual event that takes place in April. You can take part in cleaning water bodies, observing corals, actively involving children and adults in any of the planned activities.

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