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PADI PPB (Peak Performance Buoyancy)

Course Duration – 3-5 days

4 pool sessions, 2 open water dives


Did you finish OWD course? Great! What’s next? Have you ever seen a group of divers going ahead raises a trail of sand or mud, clinging to everything, breaks the fragile corals with the awkward movement  or scares a schools of fishes? Have you seen the divers struggles with them selves up and down and disorderly waving arms and fins? And may be you also have some of this problems?

You wonder why your needle gauge strive to figure 50 is much faster than the other divers? Why instead of swim and enjoy the dive have to fight with the weights? Why others overlook cheerful and fun and you felt like after a good hundred meters sprint? And why you need to holding or kneel in order to stop,  while others remain stuck in any position without much effort?

Learn how to be confident under the water, easy control the body, while maintaining good visibility for the surrounding and safe environment — these are the main goals of this course. We will teach you to float in the water! Become the best buddy! Let your ability to cause others to be delighted and jealous ;)!

You can limit your training with the 4 pool sessions. Having an extra 2 lessons in open water you will receive a certificate PADI PPB, which will be counting if you decided to become a Master Scuba-Diver PADI.



PADI (Junior) Open Water Diver

Minimum age: 10 yo

Cost in Rubles:

PPB in the pool          8 500
PPB with certification        13 500
PPB with certification  + swimming training Gift — weight pocket        14 900



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