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Course Duration – 2 days

The full course includes:

1 theory lesson, 3-4 open ice dives


IMG_6934 Have you ever wondered what happens to marine life hidden under ice? This world is not available to everyone, but if you decide to dive into it, you will discover a completely new experience, like visit to another planet.

Mysterious ice world full of silence and peace. Clear water and M0011314unique images of the appearing in the light of your lamp will give you an unforgettable impression. Would you like to have some fun? Then try to walk upside down on the ice and to consider reflected in the «mirror» of air bubbles! And of course the ice itself will surprise you with the variety of shapes and colors.


IMG_4280Diving under the ice differ from other warm-water equipment, water temperature and limitation in space, and therefore require additional training and education. Our course will help you master the safety regulations, especially providing ice diving and contact with partner, preparation of equipment and activities in an emergency situation. After finishing it, you can dive all year round and enjoy the beauty of the lakes and seas when they are not available to others !!!





PADI Advanced Diver certification

Minimum age — 18 yo

Cost – 12 500 rub


Dry suit rent — 1 800 rub per day

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