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PADI Scuba Review

It so happens that for some reason we do not dive for a long time. And although the skills acquired during training and further grinding in open water are not completely lost, refreshing from never hurts. And to do it better, accompanied by an instructor. Most schools recommend taking such a training if the break in diving is 6 months or more.

Scuba Review is a short course that includes repeating the basic principles of safe diving that you previously learned and one diving in the pool or open water under the supervision of an instructor. You will be helped to remember the basic skills, including controlling buoyancy and breathing underwater, collecting equipment and breathing from an alternative source. Having spent a couple of hours on such a course, you will feel more confident and ready for further adventures.


Diver Prerequisites:

Minimum age — 10 y.o.

Be Certified Diver

Cost – 2500 руб


After you refresh your skills, join our trips!



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