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EFR Instructor

Are you ready to share your knowledge and first aid skills? Then this course is for you! It is built in accordance with the latest developments and training methods.

The course is taught by an experienced Instructor-Trainer EFR, Master Instructor PADI, Elena Naida.

You will not only update and consolidate your own knowledge, but also master the basics of teaching, learn how to present material in a special positive manner.

You will find a theory and a lot of practice. First, refresh your skills and knowledge.

If you have not previously gone through the section related to first aid for children, then it will be possible to go through our course.

After the preparation part is completed, we will begin the training program for the Instructors.

Our club has all the necessary materials, and our mannequins and a training automatic defibrillator are ready to work and are waiting for their heroes)!

We invite everyone (not only divers) who  took EFR courses or similar. EFR Instructor Certificate is an international certificate that is accepted worldwide. It is especially relevant for those associated with work outside the Russian Federation.

This course will not only give you status and self-confidence, but also open up certain prospects for professional development in this area. We also remind you that for those who are going to become a PADI Instructor, EFR Instructor is one of the input requirements.



Requirements for participants: 

  • Minimum age: 18 years
  • EFR and EFR Care for Children course completed within the last 24 months


Course price — 12 500 rub

Additional charge for: 

  • Full set of materials for the EFR Instructor
  •  EFR membership fee at the end of the course.
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