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Assistant Instructor

The course duration is 4-5 days.

Why take an Assistant Instructor course if it is part of the IDC (Instructor Development Course)? There are many reasons for this.

  1. You want to start teaching right now, but you are not sure that you are ready to complete a full IDC course as they are limited in time. After all, the full course and examinations take 2 weeks, and sometimes more, and may have to leave for a long time to complete it.
  2. You want to increase your chances of passing the Instructor Exams, which will follow the IDC.
  3. If you do not have enough experience diving. Recall that for their instructor must be at least 100 logged dives.
  4. The financial issue is also quite important. The full cost of IDC with study materials and the payment of Exam fees will have a significant impact on your budget.

What does the Instructor Assistant course provide?

As mentioned above, it is part of the IDC course, and therefore you will master the same basic skills and techniques as instructor candidates. You will have exactly the same set of materials as the instructors; you will not need to buy a new one to continue learning. But time for its further study and practical application will be much more.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to improve and actively apply all your knowledge and skills during the course and assistance. Yes, you are not mistaken! The instructor’s assistant can already conduct training in the specialty PPB / Mastery in buoyancy, conduct children’s programs Seal Team and Master Seal Team and some other specializations, subject to additional training. Are you satisfied with all the benefits that this course gives you? Do not waste your time and come to us for training!

The course is conducted with the support of our partners — five-star PADI dive centers.

The cost of the course is 12,500 rubles.

Additional charge:

  • IDC course kit for a candidate for instructors
  • PADI membership fee at the end of the course.
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