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PADI Professional

You feel that diving takes more and more places in your life. You are the soul of the company, a reliable friend for both experienced divers and beginners who need your advice and tips. Ready to help them, but you are not sure that you are doing everything right. Then it’s time to turn your attention to professional training!

We offer you training in accordance with the PADI standards and on the basis of the most advanced techniques. Our approach to learning is significantly different from other academic and gives the greatest performance.

Of course, professional training will require more effort, attention and patience from you, compared to basic courses. Quite a lot will have to do on their own.

But the knowledge and skills you will get at the end of the course will help you not only to acquire an additional profession in diving, but also useful in ordinary life. After all, it is no secret that many of us are embarrassed to speak in public, are not always effective in organizing, etc. Our courses will help you develop many of the useful skills needed by a real dive leader!

So where to start?

The first step — Divemaster — the first step on the professional path and the basis of all future PRO courses. After you finish, you become the instructor’s right hand. In addition to assisting in the courses, you will also be able to accompany certified divers as a dive guide and conduct some of the underwater programs.The next stage is the Assistant Instructor. This is an intermediate step between the Divemaster and the Instructor, which you can skip. But if you do not fully meet the input requirements of the instructor course you have a chance to begin a professional activity and gain experience  — this course is for you.

And finally Open Water Scuba Instructor / Instructor. Upon completion of this course, you will be able to conduct all basic diving courses, as well as continue your studies and receive additional certification for specialties that you plan to teach in the future.


If we convinced you, join our team of professionals!



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