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PADI Open Water Diver — open water dives and certification

Just 2 days to finish Open Water Course!

4-5 open water dives

IMG_2962If you have an PADI Open Water Referral form from our dive center or other PADI dive centers you are welcome to finish Open Water dives and get your certificate!

In case you finished your basic part at the other dive center or it was more than month ago we will make check-dive in confined water to be sure that you are ready and refresh your  skills.


You can make your open water dives in our local lakes or during our trips. It will takes just 2 days to complete the rest part of the course and you will get your PADI Open Water Diver certificate.

So, sign up, take your referral form, planer or computer and do not forget your good mood! Start your diving adventures!

Safe and interesting dives!


Diver Prerequisites:

Minimum age — 10 y.o.

Completed referral form


  •  6 000 rub if you finished OWD Referral in our dive center
  • 10 000 rub if you finished OWD Referral in other dive center

All materials, equipment and certificate include.

Want to continue education? Your advanced courses will help you to get more information, skills and then get full value under water!

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