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Important information

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Read the following information carefully to help you navigate your course choices and avoid fraud.

Attention. Only an instructor with active training status has the right to conduct your training and certification.

You can check the status of your instructor by his number on the PADI website

Certification and Referral.

Any basic course consists of three parts:

  • Theoretical
    Practical in the pool
    Practical in open water

Only after the successful completion of all three parts of the course will you be issued a PADI certificate.

If you decide to complete only the first and second parts of the course program, you will be given a Referral form confirming the passage of the base part. This form is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. During this time, you must complete the remaining  part  at any PADI dive center with a certified PADI instructor.

The cost of courses for basic programs is indicated taking into account equipment rental costs and certificate.

Paid additionally:

  • Course materials
  • Dry suit rental — 1800 rubles / day for special courses.

If you made a try dive under the Discover Scuba Diver program, successfully completed several exercises during the program and enrolled in the PADI Open Water Diver course in the next month, you will be given a discount of 1000 rubles, and the DSD will be counted as the first practical lesson in the pool .

Discounts for continuing studies.

If you have completed one of the basic courses with us, you will be given a discount for further studies at any chosen course, except for professional ones. Conditions are discussed individually.

Additional discounts and installment payments.

Permanent members of the club who are actively involved in his life, study and travel with us are provided with preferential terms in the form of additional discounts on courses, installment payments, discounts on equipment rental during our trips. These conditions are negotiated individually.

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