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Important information

«Diving is life. Everything else is just a surface interval»

I do not know who the author of this truly wise saying is. It came to me from friends who read it on a sign in one of the dive centers in California. For me it is really so.

In the current variety of interest clubs, many types of outdoor activities, it’s quite difficult for us to navigate and choose the only hobby that would best satisfy the needs of our soul and body. And if you are just thinking about this problem, I suggest you plunge into the world of Diving.

Scuba diving can forever change your life!

For you, this may mean:

  • Adventure
  • Personal growth
  • Respect
  • Confession
  • Communication
  • Improving the Quality of Life
  • Entertainment

10 reasons to learn diving.

  1. Step into another uncharted world
  2. Explore new places
  3. Experience the great pleasure of communicating with nature, the underwater world and its inhabitants
  4. Great opportunities for personal development
  5. Dive wherever there is water
  6. Dive right now! Learning will take less time than you think.
  7. Local dives. Diving is much closer to your home than it seems at first glance.
  8. This pleasure is no more expensive than other popular sports and outdoor activities.
  9. This is fun! You will feel a real take-off in your life as soon as you start practicing
  10. PADI Training. Where you will dive, it is very important that you are trained and have the appropriate certificate and experience.

Just like astronauts go beyond the boundaries of our familiar world — we divers do the same.

Diving is a lifestyle, it is a way to get more pleasure from everything that surrounds us and share it with friends.

Do not waste your time. Get started now


Read the following information carefully to help you navigate your course choices and avoid fraud.

Attention. Only an instructor with active training status has the right to conduct your training and certification.

You can check the status of your instructor by his number on the PADI website

Certification and Referral.

Any basic course consists of three parts:

  • Theoretical
    Practical in the pool
    Practical in open water

Only after the successful completion of all three parts of the course will you be issued a PADI certificate.

If you decide to complete only the first and second parts of the course program, you will be given a Referral form confirming the passage of the base part. This form is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. During this time, you must complete the remaining  part  at any PADI dive center with a certified PADI instructor.

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