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Emergency First Response

Emergency First Response Primary Care и Secondary Care

carefully thought-out first aid courses with a well-developed system of training

Where ever you are, at work or on vacation, at home, with friends, or just in the metro, you can get into a situation where someone needs emergency assistance. These courses are designed to help understand how to assess the current state of emergency, to take a decision, remember the procedures for assistance andIMG_2153 to obtain the necessary skills to assist her.

Courses Emergency First Response Primary Care and Secondary Care — based on international standards of medical first aid in an emergency, and consists of two lectures and practical classes. The course — cardiopulmonary resuscitation, bandaging, action in case of overheating and hypothermia, first aid drowning, burns, bites of dangerous animals and other situations which can occur.

The skills you will get during the course you can use to help people in need in our daily lives. Therefore, we recommend this course to all without exception — and divers, and people far from diving, to adults and children.

Care for Children 

In addition, we offer training on Care for Children program. This course is more telling about the features of the first aid to children and also consists of two sessions, including practical testing of skills on a mannequin.



Minimum age: 12

Costs in RUbles: 


EFR Primary and Secondary Care Adult          5 800
EFR Primary and Secondary Care + AED Adult          6 500
EFR Care for Children          5 800
EFR Primary and Secondary Care Adult +AED + EFR Care for Children Gift — pocket mask        11 500

Certificate included

Extra Charge — course manual

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