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White Sea

The White Sea is an internal sea in the north of the European part of Russia. Among the seas washing Russia, the White Sea is one of the smallest. Its surface area is 90 thousand square  km with numerous small islands, among which the Solovetsky Islands are the most famous — 90.8 thousand sq. km. The greatest depth of the sea is 340 meters, the average — 67 meters.

belor_afiuraThe rivers of the Northern Dvina, Onega and Mezen flow into the White Sea. A large influx of river waters and an insignificant exchange with the Barents Sea have led to a relatively low salinity of surface sea waters (26 ppm and lower). The salinity of deep waters is much higher — up to 31 ppm. Desalinated surface water moves along the eastern shores of the sea and flows through the Throat to the Barents Sea, from where more saline water flows along the western shores to the White Sea. In the center of the sea, an annular flow is observed counterclockwise.

The White Sea belongs to the Arctic Ocean, and therefore the water temperature here is low, in addition. varies greatly depending on the season in different parts of the sea. In the summer, the surface waters of the bays and the central part of the sea warm up to 15-16 ° C, while at the same time in the Onega Bay and Throat it does not exceed 9 ° C. In winter, the temperature of surface waters drops to −1.3 … -1.7 ° C, sometimes lower, in the center and in the north of the sea, in the bays — to −0.5 … -0.7 ° C.

beloe_nudiThe beauty of northern nature makes you forget about the hectic days of the big city. Time is slow here, and therefore a week spent on the White Sea is comparable to a month of ordinary life. The endlessness of the white night and or the northern lights on a frosty evening? What do you like more? This land is beautiful at any time of the year. Snow-white winters, sonorous springs, summer drunk with the smell of wildflowers and herbs, generous autumn with mushrooms and berries.

You will find a varied program, both land and underwater. Unforgettable days can be spent here not only by divers, but also by everyone, adults and children .. We will organize our trips to the diving cbeloe_zubatkaenter, which is famous for its hospitality, comfortable conditions and a high level of diving organization. Here you can get visit a biological station, and see corners of nature untouched by civilization. Under water, you will find real anemone gardens, starfish of various shapes, kelp thickets. You can also get to know catfish and such amazing creatures as “angelfish” and “monkfish”, although they are not easy to see. In the spring, you can also meet seals that go out on ice floes to soak up the spring sun. 

A special place here is under-ice diving, whose lovers have long appreciated the White Sea for such a unique opportunity. Want to find out what the ice cover is and look at the world from the other side? Then join our trips.




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