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Ladoga Main Dive Sites

The most popular dive-sites you can visit during our trips.

«Sevastopol» — the most popular and interesting place for check-duve. It’s a wreck of the boat about 60m length, which was used for some investigations during 70th and then was sunk near shore.  Maximum depth up to 12m, no penetration allowed.


«Modul» — it’s a submerged modul of submarine also used for different investigations underwater. It is small object, very easy and interesting for all divers. Maximum depth 18m


The wall of the Island Putsaari. If you want to feel what mean Russian deep you can try it here. Big granite brows going down to the dark up to 50 m. The visibility can be around 10 m  depend on the season. Sandy plateaus at the different depths can help you to control your descent. This dive site is highly recommended for experienced divers.


The wall of the Island Divniy is one of the most beautiful walls of the Ladoga. It’s drop-off to the more than 100m. With the sunny weather you can see the surface from the 15m depth since this place is faced to the open lake and the visibility is very good. But sometimes you can find the tired here – it’s not so strong like at the sea but also can move you. SMB highly recommended.


«The Barge». One more old wooden wreck in Niconovskiy Bay near great island Valaam.   It’s a big barge with cargo of granite wich was used by Monastery before the Great October Revolution 1917. Actually there are 3 barges in this bay lay not far from each other and if you lucky you can find all of them in one dive.


«The Bells». Very easy and comfortable dive-site for all divers. There are some old buoys on the sandy bottom near island Mustasaari. Started from 6m you can go down to the depth up to 18m and find some interesting artifacts


The wall of the Island Mustasaari. This place is not for the beginners. The wall is going down with the demolished granite blokes which made small caves underwater. Some blocks can stay with the negative oriented angle and make navigation very difficult. The visibility is also up to 10m.


There are some other dive-sites witch can be included in the program. All programs depend on the season and weather condition.

The water temperature is up to 4-6°С in Spring and Autumn and up to 20 °С at the surface and maximum 6°С at the depth in summer. It’s highly recommended use the dry suits for our safaris.



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