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Deep South

Dedicated to the explorers of the Red Sea! Want to see the underwater world untouched, still unknown, full of discoveries and underwater adventures? Join our expedition to the world of the Sudanese Red Sea!

Our route will start from the Port Sudan to the borders of Eritrea. You are waiting for 10 days of excellent diving on and almost every time new, previously unknown dive sites are opened.

Masamirit Island is famous for its coral blocks, walls, flocks of barracudas and caracas. You can see stingrays and hammerhead sharks, as well as dolphins. The outer walls of the reef Karam Masamirit were chosen by Napoleons and tuna, young white-tip and silky sharks.

Dahrat Qab Island is located 14 miles south of Masamirit. Soft corals cover the coral ridge along a narrow and long plateau. Often a shark swims by.

Qab Miyum in the south of Masamirit. Its southern wall descends in steps, forming platforms on 6, 25 and 45 m, allowing you to enjoy the views of large schools of barracudas, caracas and often hammerhead sharks patrolling these walls.

Dahrat Abit — the last island before Eritzkats is the remains of a wreck that has long been a part of it and filled with underwater inhabitants. The top of the reef is covered with soft corals, where it is good for divers to make company sweet-lips. In the northeastern part there is a small “balcony” covered with soft and hard corals. Fish-rich waters and currents attract hammerhead sharks here.

And of course we will visit the famous Umbria wreck! This is one of the most important places where Italy was preparing to enter World War II, Umbria left Naples with a load of bombs. On June 9th, near Port Sudan, the British mine sweeper HMS Grimsby, along with a New Zealand cruiser, forced Umbria to anchor offshore to inspect its cargo.
The next day, Captain of Umbria heard on the radio that Italy had entered the war. Upon learning this news, the captain on board after passing the Suez Canal, and open the kingstones. The fate of Umbria was decided — it sank to the base of the Wingate reef, where it still lies. Umbria is a very beautiful wreck that has not been spoiled by «black divers» and non-ferrous metal collectors.

You can dive into the holds and estimate the stocks of wine and bombs (360,000!) that she carried, as well as look at the huge corals that covered the ship.
Our safari program includes 3-4 dives per day, including night dives. The route can be changed because of divers diversity. During our safari, you can also take courses in the following specialties:

Digital Underwater Photographer
Deep Diver
Enriched Air Diver.

Interesting and safe dives!

Safari program.

Day 1. Arrival at Port Sudan Airport. Transfer and accommodation on a yacht.

Day 2 –10 – diving –– 3–4 dives per day.

Day 11 — diving — 2 dives. Arrival at the port. Overnight.

Day 12 — Transfer to the airport.

The cost of the program:

From 2190 EUR — double occupancy in a standard cabin.

Included :

Airport shuttle transfer (11 nights), meals — full board, drinking water, tea, coffee
3-4 dives per day, including night dives
12l cylinders, weights, diving guide services
Not included

International Flight
Diving Insurance
Charges € 358 (payable on board)
Sudan visa $ 155 (paid at the airport)
Supplement for accommodation in cabins “Sea view” — € 300, in cabins on the middle deck € 80
Equipment rental
Rent of 15 l of cylinders
Alcohol and other excesses

Those wishing to take the course must inform about this in advance, no later than 2 weeks before the start of the safari.

Documents and information required for booking:

Copy of your passport

Certificate No., qualification and training organization (PADI, CMAS, SSI, etc.) or a copy

Number of registered dives in open water, maximum dive depth, date of extreme dive
at least 50 registered dives requed.

SMB — Surface Marker Buy-is requied

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