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The Republic of Sudan is a country in East Africa and the closest neighbor of Egypt with a rich and very ancient history (4-3 millennium BC). Here the White and Blue Nile are connected and the influence of Egypt, which for a long time owned part of the territory, is felt. For us, divers, Sudan is primarily interested in the stunning Red Sea. Anyone who has ever been on the routes of Egypt along the far south of the Red Sea can imagine a little clear transparent water, bright sea blue, reflecting the rays of the sun, colorful reefs and numerous schools of fish …

But here in Sudan, whose waters are accessible only for safari boats, it is still much more colorful. The main attractions of this area are coral gardens and sharks! There are turtles and mantas, especially during the season from September to November. You will also have a meeting with history — the place where Jacques Cousteau and his team established an underwater base to study the effects of a person’s long-term stay under water. For thouse who loves shipwrecks may be interested in the remains of the ships that are found in these waters.

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