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Dive-safari Famous Five

Dive safari in the 5 best places in the north of the Red Sea.

Start from Hurghada.

We are waiting for an amazing trip through the 5 most famous places in the north of the Red Sea. This safari is one of the best choice who loves beautiful coral reefs, and for those who are interested in wrecks, and those who dream of meeting sharks!

During our trip we will visit the 5 most famous places of the Red Sea. First of all, it is the Ras Mohamed Nature Reserve. Beautiful coral gardens, anemones, small caves with their invariable inhabitants — glass-fish and lionfish, schools of butterfly fish, Napoleon, stingrays and of course turtles. There is also a wreck  of toilets and baths, which was on board the wreck (Youlanda reef) and is available for our inspection.

Rosalie Moeller and Thistlegorm , the most famous of the wrecks in the Red Sea . This is a real underwater museum, on board which still lies a load of ammunition, Bedford trucks and BSA motorcycles (Birmingham Small Arms), intended for British troops in North Africa.

The Big Brother and Small Brother Islands are some of the most interesting diving sites in the Red Sea. Located approximately in the middle of the Red Sea, between Egypt and Saudi Arabia (60 nautical miles from El Queseir), they are inaccessible for regular day trips and therefore retain their beauty and variety of marine life forms to this day.

From the very beginning of the dive, you will find yourself among thickets of soft and hard corals that cover the walls of rocks that go into the abyss. Variegated colors replace each other, and schools of fish, which are quite numerous here, complement this picture. Napoleon, cornet fish who like to swim in the bubbles of exhaled air, barracudas, tuna and of course butterfly fish.

There is a lighthouse on Big Brother Island that we can visit during our trip.

Also on Big Brother are two wrecks- Aida II and Numidia. In the past, these two vessels were Egyptian bulk carriers. Now it is part of the reef. They are completely covered with beautiful corals and inhabited by fish. Due to the sufficiently large depth, we can only see them from the outside, but even this is enough to get a lot of impressions, as one of the local inhabitants are gray black-tip sharks.

They can almost certainly be found during hunting in the early morning. Another, without changing the famous predator of the family of gray sharks, the longimanus shark (white tip Oceanic),  is also likely to meet us. This amazing graceful creature inspires horror and delight, admiration and respect. As a rule, sharks are not allowed to get close to themselves, but caution never hurts. Therefore, night diving and swimming (snorkeling without wetsuits and outside the group) are strictly prohibited. You will have a great opportunity to make catchy underwater photos and videos.

On the way to the islands and back to Hurghada, we will also visit other dive sites. The combination of reef walls and coral gardens with an abundance of fish makes these dives unforgettable. We will visit one of the most tragic places — the wreck of Salem Express .

Our safari program includes 3-4 dives per day, including night dives. On the last day — 1 dive.
All dives on sunken ships depend on the skills of divers, weather conditions and the strength of the currents in the dive sites.





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