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Diving around the world

The huge beautiful world of the blue planet knows no obstacles for true explorers and lovers of underwater adventures. If you dreamed of becoming a traveler, then diving will help to realize this dream.

Where to begin? It is better to start from simple to complex. Different diving conditions require some preparation and experience. Therefore, to get the most out of your trip, evaluate your possibilities in go!

Where is better to go? It all depends on what exactly you want to find under water. The Pacific, Atlantic, Indian Oceans are ready to share their treasures with you. Such directions as Egypt, Thailand, Maldives are always popular. What do you want to see — big staff or macro life, wrecks or just animales, warm or cold water, fresh or solty ? Or may be you want to add something interesting from the surface too and enjoy some adventures or sightseen?

In short, the geography of diving is vast and the possibilities are endless. So feel free to open the map and choose a place where you will go and join our trips. Indeed, in a good company, traveling is always more fun and reliable.

Here you can find our programs around the world.




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