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Diving and Traveling

Diving is one of those hobbies that can make you get up from your favorite couch and travel to meet an unknown, new world, the discovery of which never bothers.

So where can you go to dive. The geography of diving has no boundaries. You can dive wherever there is water. It all depends on your aspirations and opportunities at the moment. It is better to take care of everything in advance, having decided on the purpose of travel. For example, you can choose one of the hot countries and enjoy the warm sea, sun, palm trees and exotic inhabitants of the underwater world. Or set off on a treasure hunt exploring wrecks. If you are not afraid of cold water, then the northern seas will also reveal their beauties to you and tell their own stories, including about life under ice.

And if you can’t wait to be in the underwater world, and you’re still far from a vacation, why not go to the nearest lake with friends and dive there. Of course, weekend diving is different from long trips, but you can believe it is no less fun.

When planning your underwater adventures, do not forget that you must have the appropriate qualifications and level of training, as well as the appropriate equipment. But if it so happened that you did not have time to take the course you need, then you can plan it right during the trip.

So, choose a direction and go! The underwater world is waiting for you!

We have different programs for all our divers and non divers too! We are not a turistic agency! All our programs we did by ourselfes and testing before offering to divers and their families. Many divers already had a very good experience with us and continue there adventuers and traveling with us for many years. We are ready to give you our best survices and make your trip comfortable and intereting.

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